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Erogenous Sensitivity is Critical to Making Natural Enhancement Pills Work

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There are three bodily systems at work here. One is the neurological system that basically links the neurotransmitters to send signals to the brain from the erogenous zones of the body that are being stimulated. These regions include the penis as the main body organ for sexual stimulation to occur.

The other is the circulatory system that starts with the heart with elevated pumping to send blood to the blood vessels and capillaries in the erectile tissues of the penis to engorge and bring it up to full erection.

The other system that comes into play is the endocrine system where the right levels of testosterone allows you to have the sexual libido for both processes to take place.

Natural male enhancement pills like ErectZ often work to improve to enhance any or a combination of the three systems to treat male impotence but it cannot work to any degree of satisfaction if one of the systems has severe failure to begin with.

The most critical is the area of erogenous sensitivity where a failure in any part of transmitting a sexual stimulus to the brain is disrupted. It starts with having a sensitive skin which your penis and the urogenital area would normally have.

Take this out and you have a problem that even many natural male enhancement pills will not be able to address. There are topical solutions that can de-sensitize overly sensitive penis to discourage premature ejaculation. But there are no known topical creams that can height sensitivity.

Just about all effective natural male enhancement pills have active ingredients with vasodilatory properties to relax and dilate the blood vessels to allow blood to engorge the penis for a full erection. A secondary fault in the body’s circulatory system, like severe arteriosclerosis and high blood can impede the action of most natural male enhancement pills.

A serious heart ailment that makes it stressful to be aroused is another impediment. But even if the potency pill is successful in this area, a neurological disorder that makes sexual arousal impossible will still render the medication unable to cause any erection.

Hormonal imbalance situations can often be treated with hormone therapy or a natural stimulus for the body to produce them which some effective active ingredients in male potency cures can do, but only to point. Male potency pills are not designed for this as its primary function.

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