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Erectile Dysfunction is not Incurable

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I can understand how frustrating it can be to have a glass of water in your hand and not be able to quench your thirst. How else can one describe the condition of a man who has the company of a beautiful women who is desirous of sex, but he cannot get his penis erect to penetrate and satisfy her. In the medical world this condition is referred to as erectile dysfunction. Today it affects millions of men around the world. There was a time not so long ago when only some seniors and aging men were affected by this problem, but today even young men in their 30’s and 40’s can be seen afflicted with ED, unable to get an erection even with sexual stimulation.

It is earth shattering for a young man to discover that he cannot get an erection and satisfy his female partner in bed. It affects his psyche and self confidence, ultimately making him run away from circumstances where he is required to be in the company of girls and ladies; as he is fearful that they will come to know of his problem. This physical condition slowly becomes a mental and psychological problem lowering the esteem and self image of the male.

However, not everything is lost forever, as modern science has found the reasons behind the problem of erectile dysfunction; and also the solution to the problem. The problem lies in the fact that not enough blood flow is possible in the case of many males facing ED. There is restriction around their penile area because of tensed muscles. It is well known that erection and harness of the penis is a result of sudden rush of blood in the blood vessels in the penis. There are male enhancement pills available on the market that contain all natural ingredients that relax the muscles inside of the penile area, allowing for more blood flow in the tubes inside the penis. Taking a pill just before sexual encounter solves the problem of ED though it is not a cure of the problem.

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