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Even in Male Enhancement, Knowledge is Power

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Are you one of those millions of males who have a small penis? You think it is of little use because a bigger tool is a prerequisite for great sex? Or for enhanced sexual pleasure of your partner? Even of your own male ego? You are right in a sense. No matter what doctors say, size does come into the picture just like female’s breasts. You fantasize about having sex with a large breasted woman as you know it is sexually exciting to fondle and suck on big boobs, isn’t it? The same logic applies to men’s penises as women tend to hold the tools of their partners in their hands and also suck on them for more sexual pleasure. A man does need a longer penis to be able to fill all erogenous zones inside the vagina of his sex partner.

Armed with all this knowledge, it is only natural for mankind to have been trying to find ways of increasing the size of his manhood since the beginning of time. Before civilization, men with longer tools dominated other males, as it was evident who was superior in this department. But even in this day and time, men with longer and thicker organs become famous for their sexual prowess, and their ability in bed gets known to women easily. Now the converse of this is also true. If you happen to own a very small penis, women tend to avoid you on many pretexts so as to not to hurt your feelings.

If there were aphrodisiacs to help a man with low sex drive to have erections earlier, there were also ingenious ways to increase the length of the penis of men. Use of weights and exercises done with hands did have effect on the length and girth of the penis of many men in earlier times. But with advancement in technology and our knowledge base, it has been possible to understand the reasons behind the small size of penis, along with the reasons why some men find it difficult to get decent erections. Today there are available male enhancement pills that can increase both length and girth of the penis of a man.

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