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Male Enhancement: Why is it a Taboo Topic till Today?

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Men feel embarrassed talking about the size of their penis even today. They find it offensive to talk about their manliness or manhood; as they feel it is something that should remain known to only them. It is not that they are not worried about having a problem down below; after all, it isn’t visible to all, like it is if a man is short or very thin. No one knows if a man has a small penis or that he has some sexual problem like impotence just by looking at him. Given the searches on the internet and the popularity of male enhancement products, it is obvious that more and more people today are afflicted with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, male impotence, premature ejaculation, and small penis size.

It is not that there were no sexual problems in earlier times. The problems of limp penis even with sexual stimulation and premature ejaculation were limited to a miniscule percentage of the male population. In fact, ED was a problem only faced by aging men, and it was considered to be a natural, age related process. But today, it is common to see middle aged and even young adult males reporting ED and premature ejaculation. The increasing numbers of men afflicted with these sexual problems and worries about penis size are a reflection of the times we are living in. We are moving away from a natural lifestyle, and leading a life full of stress where we have no time for exercise and our dietary intake is also very poor. This plays a huge part in how our bodies function. All of that has an effect on our sexual health and is leading to problems of low libido and ED. Taking an all natural male enhancement supplement can help aid this problem.

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