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Male Enhancement Pills: Do they Really Work?

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The desire of men to have a bigger penis has led doctors and scientists to think of ways to increase the size of penis. The market is full of products that claim to enhance the size of a male penis when used. These include physical devices like extenders, male enhancement pills, and finally the surgery to increase the length and girth of the male penis. Out of all these, it is the pills or capsules that have become very popular as they do not cause any pain and jus need to be consumed with water like any other medication.

Viagra is one product that is extremely popular and well known among both men and women across the world. This is because it addresses the issue of male infertility and allows a man to get reread for sex with his female bed partner if he cannot get it aroused himself. There are millions of men suffering from the problems of sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and small size of penis. Though doctors the world over claim that a man can fully satisfy his sexual partner even with a penis that measures 4 inches when fully erect, men think that women are impressed by long and thick penis just as they are impressed by women with large breasts. It is this deep desire to have large penises that has led to the development of male enhancement pills.

How do male enhancement pills work?

The basic principle behind the working of male enhancement pills is the increased blood flow around the muscles surrounding the penis. It is this increased blood flow that is responsible for giving a hard arousal to a normal man. It may be science today but there have always been foods and medicines made from precious metals that have been believed to be aphrodisiacs, helping in sexual prowess of men. Though it is hard to say with certainty about the efficacy of pills made with herbal ingredients, the pills that are manufactured in modern scientific laboratories do produce good effects and cause arousal of penis within a few minutes of consumption by men desirous of this action. Of course these male enhancement pills cannot work in isolation and one has to eat them before an anticipated sexual encounter to have arousal.

Pills work on a temporary basis:

Male enhancement pills of today have very few side effects and are much safer than the ones that were available in the market a few decades ago. However, it has to be understood that these pills are only temporary cure of the problem of infertility and they do not produce permanent results. The effect of these pills lasts for a few hours only and one has to gulp down a pill daily to be ready for sex. This is because the improved blood circulation and expansion of blood vessels around the penile area remains as long as the herbal ingredients contained in these pills continue to work inside the body of a man. When he stops taking these pills, his condition is back to normal and finds that his shrink penis cannot get erect.

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