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Let your Partners Know You’re Still The Man

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Regardless of whether you’re into a straight or gay relationship, there’s always the gender role that makes one partner act as the man in the relationship. For heterosexual partnerships, that role is unmistakably clear, although there are role reversals that allow a woman to wear a dildo belt and penetrate the man from behind. But that’s more in the fetish department. Among gays, there’s always one who will act the part and do the anal penetration to his partner with his erect tool.

The key to any of these relationships at the physical level is the erect penis. Now, it becomes problematic to a large extent if the male gender role in a heterosexual or gay relationship can’t get the natural penis up long enough to matter. For men who couldn’t get it up, it’s time to do something about his male enhancement problem.

Understanding the Problem

Erectile dysfunction is the medical term of male impotence and can have physiological, mental and emotional roots. The immediate cause is physiological. Any disruption in the arousal process starting with the stimulus to the brain though penile manipulation, the relaxation and engorgement of the corpora nervosa and the ability of the membrane around the erectile tissues to keep the blood until orgasm is reached can cause impotence.

Mental and emotional problems have been known to impede the process. Ongoing prescriptive medication can also lead to impotence.

It is good to know that in general, male impotence can be overcome with natural treatment and some of the simplest changes in your lifestyles. Drugs like Viagra can do the job but they are not lasting cures and their prescriptive potency is known to lead to unwanted health side effects like vomiting, stomach pains, nausea, headaches or even risk damaging internal organs with frequent regular use.

In addition, conditioning the mind and getting rid of thoughts that create emotional distraught even if repressed in the subconscious can cause male impotence. Here are some things you can do:

  • Exercise regularly to bring your circulation and heart beat busy enough to improve blood flowing through your body. A sedentary lifestyle working on your computer everyday can make things bad for your penis.
  • Get into the right nutrition with the right foods and diet supplements of vitamins and minerals to regulate the body
  • Detoxify the body simply by taking in more water
  • Check out the really potent OTC medication called ErectZ where you stand to lose nothing but has everything to gain. It’s all natural, no side effects, and nor risks as you get a 90-day money back guarantee.

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