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When do Male Enhancement Pills Works

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Over-the-counter treatment for male enhancement often range from limited efficacy to outright scam. There are basically two main areas where the regimen is meant to address – overcoming male impotence with faster or more sustained erection and penis enlargement.

Unfortunately, there are no scientifically proven or clinically tested pills than can enlarge the penis. Certain stretching contraptions for the purpose enjoy testimonial and anecdotal successes but that is all. The only proven method to enlarge the penis is through surgery.

That means that the only area where the promise of male enhancement exists is in overcoming male impotence. Prescriptive male potency pills like Viagra and Cialis have been clinically and anecdotally proven to work and are the only FDA approved pharmaceutical products that work as promised.

But they are documented to have serious adverse side effects if used without doctor’s clearance and can even lead to death in certain situations. This is what non-prescription male enhancement pills have advantage of over the prescriptive counterpart.

Formulated with natural herbal extracts that have been used for centuries as either an aphrodisiac to enhance the sexual libido or induce firm and sustain penile erection, many over the counter male potency pills when taken in the recommended dose and frequency can be effective in their promise, but only if they are not made by scammers who only want your money.

The 21st century preoccupation for male enhancement works if there’s something to enhance. If you suffer from a debilitating psychiatric or medical disease or are under strong prescriptive medication, the effort often gets neutralized so that it could appear to be ineffective. Some medical treatment like chemotherapy can render a man too weak that even Viagra won’t be of much help to get an erection.

Non prescriptive or OTC male enhancement pills work to mimic the effect of prescriptive Viagra at a lower potency and are formulated with herbal mixes. They also work by dilating the smooth blood vessels in the corpora nervosa or erectile tissue of the penis so it can engorge with blood more easily to attain an erection that would otherwise be difficult to get.

If there’s severe nerve damage that blocks the instruction from the brain to send blood streaming to engorge and penis or if the penis has been desensitized so that sexual stimulus can no longer be read by the brain, no male potency technique will work as there’d be nothing to enhance.

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