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Herbs and Natural Male Enhancement – Do They Work?

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Take out the scam products that account for more than 90% of natural male enhancement pills and you’re left with a few that do work. But they won’t unless you’re healthy to begin with. For it to work, there must be something that can still be enhanced to start with.

Centuries before Viagra, men suffering form male impotence in whatever level of severity have been taking in everything from powdered rhino horns to horny goat weeds and known aphrodisiacs in the hope of boosting or restoring their waning sexual performance.

These natural male virility solutions remain to this day in over-the-counter natural male enhancement pills for people hesitant to intimate their sexual failures with their doctors to get a more potent prescriptive medication.

But many doctors have indicated skepticism about traditional herbal medicines because they have not been approved by the FDA. Of course, but the fact that they are over the counter drugs mean they don’t need FDA approval, only that they be generally safe.

And just as many herbal cures that have proven their efficacies in treating medical conditions for centuries are now used in drugs as an alternative form of medication, using those that have shown historic efficacies in treating male impotence comprise an alternative cure to prescriptive Viagra and its variants.

According to Steven Lamm, MD, author of The Hardness Factor and assistant professor of medicine at the New York University, while the efficacy of herbal made male potency cures is anecdotal, in the absence of any clinical research study to confirm it, they can be an alternative to Viagra but only for people who are not suffering from any diagnosable sexual infirmity.

In short, healthy people who are experiencing a decline in sexual performance stand the best chance of benefiting from natural male enhancement pills. Some of the more noted natural ingredients include:

Horny Goat Weed. A favorite male impotence treatment for centuries, it has been found to contain icarrin which acts in the same way as Viagra.

Ginseng. Used to stimulate male libido for centuries, it figured in a 2002 clinical study that showed that ginseng promotes nitric oxide synthesis to dilate blood vessels and facilitate blood flow to the penis.

Arginine. This is an amino acid found in natural in food to produce nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels and facilitate blood flow to engorge the penis. Arginine can be effective if your doctor diagnoses you as being deficient in nitric oxide.

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