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Understanding Sexual Arousal for Natural Male Enhancement

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Market expectations run high on drugs promising to enhance male virility. Clinical tests or lack thereof often take the backseat to anecdotal and testimonial evidences of their efficacy. The Viagra has both. But it’s a prescriptive drug that can have severe side effects unless its administration is supervised by your doctor.

How about over the counter male enhancement drugs? About 90% of them are scams and of the 10% of commercial brands that do work as promised, it is important that expectations are managed. These are not miracle drugs that can suddenly restore a 50-year old penis back to its 20-year old performance. A good understanding of the male arousal process can help manage expectations.

Sensitivity is Important

There are essentially two pathways to be sexually aroused – by thought or by genital manipulation. Pubescent boys or young teeners with their raging sex hormones have been known to get instant erection by simply thinking “dirty” thoughts that get them sexually aroused.

Many boys get instant erection simply taking off their shorts or even anticipating about an intimate encounter. This is caused by the brain sending signals to the erectile tissues to take in more blood to engorge and bring the penis up.

On the other hand, stimulating the penis or any part of the urogenital area can cause quick erection and is the main pathway to getting an erection. This happens when the sensitive erogenous skin in this area sends arousal signals to the brain which then sends the blood gushing to the erectile tissues to engorge and bring it up.

Anywhere along the arousal route where a medical problem starts to block the signaling process between the penis and brain is sure to cause erection difficulties. Prescriptive and over-the-counter male enhancement solutions can provide temporary sexual performance peaks. But they are just that – temporary.

Most of these male potency drugs work on the principle of promoting dilation of the soft vessels in the penis to take in more blood. But they can only do so much. If the nerve endings that make-up the erogenous zones die or get damaged, no amount of blood vessel dilation can cause an erection as the arousal process is an autonomous one.

Age Diminishes Sensitivity

Discounting any problematic medical condition, the sensitivity of the penis declines with age. Numerous clinical studies have already proven this fact that the penis becomes progressively less sensitive as a man ages. This inevitably leads to erection difficulties over time and using male enhancement pills may help to some extent.

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