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An Aging Penis May Benefit from Best Male Enhancement Treatment

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No, this is not about penis enlargement which is total hogwash. It’s about dealing with male impotence in normal healthy people. It’s about restoring sexual intimacy back in a platonic relationship due to the aging process.

It’s about understanding that the best male enhancement works when we manage our expectations about their efficacies. If you are looking to enlarging your penis so you can act out your fantasies to be a porn star, go elsewhere. Vanity and self delusions have no place in realistically allowing men with erectile dysfunctions to get their erections back for satisfying themselves and their partner. It is important to know when best male enhancement can still work for you.

Understanding the Penis

Sexual function and performance are known to decline with age. A progressive decrease in testosterone levels is associated with male impotence. Even when aroused, older folks take more time to have an erection and attain orgasm. And after one, they’d be lucky to get another erection in the next 24 hours.

Erectile dysfunction or male impotence clearly has a link with age. Between 40 and 70, a study shows that only 30% of men can still manage an erection. These are the people who stand to benefit with a male enhancement pill, as there is still something left to enhance.

Appearance of the genitalia. Two visible changes occur – the glans loses it intense color of reddish to purplish pink and this is due to significantly reduced blood flow. Then there’s a gradual loss of pubic hair. According to Irwin Goldstein MD, director of sexual medicine at San Diego’s Alvarado Hospital and chief editor of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, “As testosterone wanes, the penis gradually reverts to its prepubertal, mostly hairless, state.”

Penis Size. People tend to gain weight as their age, thanks to the biological fact that the body’s metabolic rates slackens over time. Fat deposits tend to go southwards with gravity and the pubic section takes a lot them. The result is an apparent diminution of the penis shaft, whether soft or erect, as it gets buried under deep pubic fat. This can actually be a good incentive for people to lose weight – get their old penis size back. Penis size is known to shrink with age even among thin people. This is more due to the deposit of plaques in the penile arteries that restrict blood flood to the penis to cause shorter and softer erections. In addition the gradual development of scar tissues within the fibrous sheath surrounding the erection tissue that comes with age result in smaller erections.

Sensitivity. Of all the aging factors that contribute immensely to erectile dysfunction is reduced penile sensitivity that can maker getting an erection a challenge for the partners in bed. And once erect, sustaining it long enough can also be a problem.

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