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Male Enhancement Success Stories

Erectz male enhancement pills work PERIOD. But we make no tall claims that are baseless like other male enhancement products.

The benefits of ErectZ pills has thousands of satisfied customers sharing their testimonials because they are 100% satisfied with the efficacy of the product to help them with their poor erection or premature ejaculation concerns. There are no exercises or tools needed when you are using ErectZ male enlargement pills.

I love my husband and it just hurts me to see him get disappointed at himself every time we made love lately. It was a gradual thing that started 3 or 4 years ago when our intimate moments together started getting less intense and shorter. A year ago, we just stopped entirely as he could no longer sustain an erection. We had regular therapy sessions with our sex counsel with some success as we got into Viagra. But it was getting in the way of his health so we stopped. Now, thanks to ErectZ, we are getting our moments back again. Kudos to its makers. - Francine R, 45, Pasadena, California
Hi. I am a 49 year old male who took great pride in his performance in bed. However, a few months ago, I felt shattered when my partner commented that I came earlier than she wanted. This shook me up and I was looking for a natural pill that could make me last longer than I was. I read about ErectZ and ordered it. Today, after having consumed this pill twice a day, my erections have become harder and longer lasting than ever and my bed partners cannot sem to have enough of my maleness. - Shane Wade, Wellington
My husband was great in sex and lasted more than I needed. However, after 50, he lost a lot of libido, reached erection slowly, and also did not last long. This was disappointing for both of us. We tried everything from massage to drugs but nothing seemed to work. This was when we decided to use ErectZ, and to our amazement, my husband had a rock solid erection within minutes of eating the first pill (of course I did chip in). Now, after a month of having the pill, I can enjoy for as long as I desire. My husband feels proud of his performance and I am happy for him too. - Emma Thompson, 49, Bulgaria
My penis was so thin that my wife could not feel it at all during intercourse. I felt disappointed at not being able to bring satisfaction to her. I read about ErectZ and how it improved upon the girth of penis of users. I used it diligently for a month secretly without allowing my wife to know about it. After a month, one remark that made me happy came from my wife. She said, in a moment of heat during intercourse, “how come your dick has become so fat these days”. This is the reward I got after using ErectZ pills. Finally I have been able to bring complete satisfaction to my wife. Thank you ErectZ. - Jim Davis, 29, Ireland
I was living a happy married life when suddenly my husband started to lose interest in sex. It turned out that he was unable to reach and sustain erection. At 44, it was very painful to see a dejected husband. I tried my best but his penis remained limp. I bought ErectZ ordering it from internet and made him eat these pills for a few days. To our amazement, he not only achieved hard erection, he was also able to make my happy before exploding like he did when we were younger. I am really thankful to ErectZ. - Marylyn Rose, 42, Virginia
I was crestfallen a month ago when I got a chance to make it with my girlfriend but failed miserably ejaculating under a minute. I tried again but failed again leading to a lot of frustration and embarrassment. I tried ErectZ for a few days and today the same girlfriend cannot seem to have enough of me. - Robby Ray, Vienna
I had a small penis that was thick but hardly measured 3 inches when erect. I was hurt hearing the comments of my dates. My friend suggested me taking ErectZ that I duly did. Today, my penis measures 5+ inches that allow me to satisfy all my bed partners. I shall recommend ErectZ to all those who need it. - Tommy Lee, 23, China
It looks like a dream to me as premature ejaculation had got me embarrassed again and again but after starting on ErectZ; I can now sustain my erections for as long as my partners demand. I cannot thank ErectZ enough. - James Anderson, 36, Sweden
My sex life was in total turmoil as I could not satisfy my newly married wife. After visiting prostitutes for 8 years, I had become impotent and my penis could not become hard. I took ErectZ pills for a few days, and to my surprise, I had an erection after 2 years. Both of us were overjoyed and enjoyed great sex. Thanks ErectZ. - Karan Thapar, 32, Mumbai
I was an object of ridicule among my friends as I had a small penis and slowly even girls came to know about this. I had no other way but to masturbate to satisfy myself. I came to know about ErectZ through internet and wasted no time in ordering. After using it for 3 months, my penis increased 2 inches in length and a quarter inch in girth. The same girls who ridiculed me are now happy with my performance and I feel proud of my dick. Thank you ErectZ. - Bobby James, 24, Maryland
I was so dejected that I had given up hopes achieving an erection in my life. Initially my wife tried hard and even sucked it dry but it won’t harden. I tried many medications but to no avail. Finally I was recommended ErectZ, and I must say that within an hour of taking my first pill, I succeeded in getting it up in the company of my wife. I and my wife were thrilled to pieces and I even had a steamy sex session with her. I am taking it regularly and have not faced this problem ever since.

Mind-blowing product! I could not believe my eyes as the size of my penis increased both in length and girth after using ErectZ for 2 months. - Jimmy Glenn, 37, Tunisia
Hi. I am a teenager who was frustrated because of inability to sustain erection. My dick that appeared hard went limp soon after penetration leading to irritation of my girlfriends. I explained my problem to my doctor who suggested me to take ErectZ pills. Now I can not only sustain rock like erection for long but also make girls cum with an increased girth. My heartiest thanks to makers of this wonder pill. - Johnny T, Yorkshire
Hi ErectZ. This is to let you know that my perennial problem of thin penis that could not satisfy my partners has finally been solved after using ErectZ pills. My current girlfriend says she can now feel my presence. In fact, the girth has become so large that she now screams for more. - Matthews, Brazil
I don't want to make any tall claims. I am a male of 44 years and I really felt a boost in my sex drive after using ErectZ pills. My wife also seems to be much more satisfied than before. - Ali, Malaysia
ErectZ are the best male enhancement pills available in the market. I tried them myself and vouch for their efficacy. - Ismail, 37, Turkey
Hello. I am a 62 year old male wishing to share my experience with you. A year ago I lost my erection that I thought was natural. But my friend suggested me to take ErectZ pills for some time saying it has no side effects. To my amazement, I soon started to have hard erections. Even my wife could not believe her eyes. Today we are enjoying life and have a great sex life too. - Tony Shields, New England
Hi. I am a 19 year old girl in love with a boy my age. My sex sessions did not last long as my boyfriend ejaculated as soon as he entered me. After using ErectZ pills, he now has a hard erection that lasts much longer. THANKS! - Jane, Brisbane
I am a newly married Indian boy writing to you as I feel indebted to ErectZ pills for curing my problem of premature ejaculation. I was totally depressed and my relationship with wife on the brink of collapse when I started using ErectZ pills. Now I last long and my wife is screaming for more. - Sri Raj, 27, Tamilnadu
I come from a country where sex is a taboo subject but I could not refrain myself from thanking you as I got over my problem of soft erections after using ErectZ pills for a few months. Thanks again! - Ahmad Warsi, 21, Indonesia
My name is Ricky and I want to share my experience with you. I started masturbating in my early teens and continued till I was 20. My dick turned skewed and thin and I started ejaculating within a few seconds of penetration. All girls ridiculed me and I didn't know where to turn to when I read about ErectZ. I tried these pills for a few months and I am proud to tell you that today I can sustain my erection for as long as I want with my partner fully satisfied by my performance. My heartfelt thanks to ErectZ. - Ricky T. Tasmania
My name is Miriam and I had to write this letter to express my gratitude to the makers of ErectZ male enhancement pills. In the last few months, my husband was gradually losing his erections and all my efforts were going vain. I bought ErectZ pills that he used and I have no hesitation in saying that not only his erections are hard and solid now; pills also increased the length and girth of his penis and I love his confidence in bed these days. - Miriam, 31, Dunedin
Hi. This is Gary from SA, a 35 year old male living a happily married life. I felt poor erection in the last few months and felt embarrassed in front of my wife. I tried ErectZ pills and found that I got back rock hard erections just like old times within a few days. Thanks ErectZ. - Gary M. Johannesburg
Thanks ErectZ for bringing back my sexual power. - Rodney, 43, Christchurch
I tried a lot of medications for the problem of erectile dysfunction but to no avail. Even my doctor was not able to give satisfactory answers to me. This was when I decided to try ErectZ enhancement pills. Today I am happy that I chose ErectZ, as I can not only get it up, but also have prolonged sex sessions, deriving maximum sexual pleasure. My girlfriends are also not complaining either. - Dwayne Bravo, 39, Trinidad and Tobago
I was slowly losing the hardness in my erections and I was not able to fathom the reason. This made me lose interest in sex, and I slowly started to avoid girls even. But then I tried ErectZ, and today I have harder than ever erections that I can sustain for very long, bringing satisfaction and smiles on the faces of all my girlfriends. - Shane Lee, 44, Guatemala
I was ridiculed by girls as I got famous because of my small penis. But after having taken ErectZ, the same girls marvel at my performance in bed as these pills have increased the length and girth of my di*k. What's more exciting is my erections are rock solid and I am able to bring all the girls to an orgasm without going down. - Jo D, 30, Israel
Because of excessive masturbation, my penis had been deformed a bit, and I would ejaculate as soon as I would try sexual intercourse. But after taking Erectz, I got back the girth and length I wanted in my penis and could hold on to my erections for very long. Thanks to the makers of Erectz. These pills have saved my marital and sex life. - Sandeep, 39, Massachusetts
I am a man having married recently. I found that I was not able to satisfy my wife completely and she even avoided sex with me. I had heard about ErectZ and used these pills for a few days after which my wife asked repeatedly what was she doing different to make me so hard and energetic in the bed. I laughed and said it was just her beauty… thanks Erectz. - Amit Patel, 27, Ahmadabad, India
My boyfriend used to have great sex with me but of late he seemed to avoid me in the bedroom. When I asked the reason, he said that he was having problems getting it up. I ordered ErectZ pills for him, he is back to his usual self, always ready for a long, steamy sex session with me. - Stella, 28, Sydney
I am gay and was losing my sex partners because of my inability to achieve hard erections. I knew I would lose all of my boyfriends if I did not do something quickly. This was when I tried ErectZ male pills. To my pleasant surprise, these pills gave me my erections back. Now I have hard erections, even harder than what I had when I was 24. I am now more popular in the gay community than ever before. Go ERECTZ - Adam R, 37, Antigua
If you are fed up with allopath drugs to help you deal with the problem of soft erections, try ErectZ pills. I too was facing the same problem because of a life full of stress and little exercise. I took ErectZ and found that my erections have become hard and thick. I could even stay longer in bed in comparison to earlier times. Thank you ErectZ! - Jimmy Cook, 45, Nigeria
This is to let everyone know that ErectZ male enhancement pills do work as claimed. My problem of premature ejaculation was solved in just a few days and I can now hold on to my erections for much longer to satisfy my sex partners. - Stephen, 34, Maryland
I have a girlfriend half my age (I am 48) and was worried if she would leave me because of the problem of ED. I was not satisfied with the soft erections I achieved and that was hard on her too when she worked so hard to excite me. I took ErectZ pills and now I can have rock hard erections that remain. I have brought my girlfriend to a climax multiple times, just as I do. Thanks ErectZ for helping me out. - Gary T, West Virginia
Thanks ErectZ for increasing the size of my penis girth and length. - Graham Thorpe, 32, Leicester
It was an eye opener for me when my wife told me that she was able to get orgasms only with oral sex, and she did not get to climax when I penetrated her. It was because I could barely last 1-2 minutes before exploding. I read about ErectZ and promptly ordered them through internet. Within an hour of taking the pills, I noticed that my wife was making noises during sex, and only yesterday she started to cry saying she has had the best orgasms of her life. I cannot thank you enough ErectZ. - Chris Scott, 42, Sweden
Let me share my true story with you. I am a 57 year old mother of 3 kids and married to a hunk of a guy who took pride in his sexual prowess. Of late however, he was avoiding sex and if he didn't, he couldn't wait for me to achieve a climax. I thought it to be a passing phase, but then he slowly lost interest in sex altogether. I was devastated more than him, as I could sense his disappointment. I ordered ErectZ all natural male enhancement pills and asked him to try them. Reluctantly he did. He has been using them for some time now, and never have WE been disappointed. Today I am happy to tell you people that my husband is once again active in bed and a proud performer. - Lily Watson, 57, Adelaide
Love you ErectZ. You have made my life full of sexual bliss. - Greta S, 43, London
I write this letter to show my gratitude to the makers of ErectZ pills as I can now have rock hard erections that were a dream not so long ago. - Ismail, 37, Tunisia
Thank you for making my husband happy again. He now has firm erections and makes me come too. I did not believe it was possible at such an old age. - Dorothy, 68, Auckland, NZ
Nothing can be more hurtful than rejection by females in bed. It looked like this was my fate as I could not last more than a few minutes to satisfy the females I went to bed with. But then I tried ErectZ and felt the difference. Now I make sure that my bedmates achieve an orgasm before I come. It's not hard to do, it stays hard for them! - Tony Mills, Alaska, US
I love ErectZ… it is that deal! - Jacob, Belleville, MI
I have a long penis but it is so thin that even when erect, it seemed to have insufficient girth. Most women I had sexual intercourse with made fun of the thinness of my dick. I tried ErectZ and to my amazement, I found that it had significant effect on the girth of my penis; making it thick and strong. Now the same ladies now go gaga over my performance as they get the full satisfaction of hitting all their walls. Thanks a zillion ErectZ. - Michael M, 29, NY
I am a 23 year old man who was afraid of intimate situations with women because I would come as soon as I tried to indulge in sexual intercourse with her. I saw the advertisement of ErectZ on the internet and ordered a pack for myself. Within days of taking ErectZ pills, I found that I could hold on to my erections much longer, restoring my confidence back. Today, I am able to bring to orgasm to all of my partners as ErectZ has solved the problem of premature ejaculation once and for all. - Dell, Johannesburg
I am a young woman with 2 kids and married to a man whom I love dearly. This letter is in appreciation of ErectZ pills that solved the problem of premature ejaculation of my husband. He was emotionally and psychologically shattered, causing pain to me too as I hated seeing him sad and depressed all the time. Today he is ready to please me all the time, and going to bed is all satisfaction to us both! Thanks!! - Pooja M, Pune, India
My problem of ED was gradually getting worse and I could not stay erect even for a minute. Finally I took ErectZ pills. I am happy to tell you that I can hold on to my erections for as long as I desire bringing happiness and orgasm to my partner. - Timothy Saunders, 35, LA
I am a 30 year old male dissatisfied with the small size of my penis as even when erect, it measured only 5 inches. After taking ErectZ pills, I am now a proud owner of a 6 inch dick when erect. Thanks ErectZ. - Sandy Moore, Hampshire, UK
I was surprised to find out that ErectZ is a natural solution. I have tried many enhancement pills before, but they were all made with artificial substances, and they gave me some weird secondary effects. With ErectZ, I can finally enjoy my sex life without the worries of suffering from those problems. - VAJ, 46, Oregon
I have always dreamed of sex with two girls, but it is so hard to find two open minded girls that want this! I got the chance and was more than disappointed about the results I had with my penis. It seems like it was too much for it, but one of the girls that was used to this kind of behavior from a previous man, told me about ErectZ pills. It was the night of my dreams, and I can hardly wait to meet those girls again. - WILL, 34, Tennessee
ErectZ is indeed the most important discovery of the century, at least for me. Now, I can enjoy really good sex with any of my partners, and I can tell you there are a few. - TRACY, 37, Kissimmee, FL
thanks ErectZ for bringing the spark to our love life! - KEVIN W., 48, Los Angeles, CA
With ErectZ, I can finally make real good love to my wife, and now we are living like in a continuous honeymoon! - MARCELL, 42, Alabama
Thanks ErectZ for bringing me the satisfaction I have never dreamed about! - FELDY, 35, Columbus, OH
When you see your girlfriend striving to get it up with no results, and when you see how hard it is to get a good erection, you start putting questions about your capacity of being a man. When I have started to have erectile dysfunction problems, I realized that our life as a couple is about to end. I needed a solution fast, and a friend of mine gave it to me: ErectZ. Today, I can have long, happy sessions with my partner, and I am pretty sure she won't need to find comfort in the arms of another man ever again! - BRETT, 44, Houston
I stopped having sex when I was 53, thinking that this is normal. Well, this was until a friend recommended ErectZ, and then I have discovered that sex can be even better when you are older and more experienced!! Today, I can find younger partners, and I can satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding woman. Life after 50!! - FRED, 59, Washington DC
After a few years of good sex with my wife, my penis started to fail me, and my sexual performances were affected greatly. ErectZ was the pill that solved this delicate situation, and today, we have the joy of making love just as we felt it for the first time. - Mr. and Mrs. Ginopoli, 46, MI
Thanks to ErectZ, I am able to complete my collection of beautiful girls that passes through my sheets! And there are a lot more of them out there that are still waiting for this stamina driven, rock hard night I can give them over and over. Yea ERECTZ!!!!! - JIMBO D, 31, ATL
I must express my gratitude to the manufacturers of ErectZ for inventing such a wonder product, and for bringing happiness to me and my wife again! - THOMAS, 76, Detroit, MI
I must admit that I was always afraid of good looking women, and even when my sexual results are astonishing. When I see a hot chick, my mans seems to become shy, until I have discovered ErectZ, the best treatment for male enhancement. - JENO, 33, Hawaii
Thanks ErectZ for bringing harmony to me and my partner and for saving our 10 year relationship. - STEVE, 37, Summit, MS
I have a big penis, and this usually represents pride for men. The truth is that a long penis does not guarantee a good sexual life, at least in my case. I have suffered because of ED, until I discovered ErectZ, the best treatment of this kind… - EARL, 45, Cape May, NJ
As a teenager, it is hard to start a sexual life. I was unsatisfied with my first sexual experiences, and even now, 10 years after my first sexual encounter, I am still afraid of intimate situations with women. Since I have discovered ErectZ, my physical problems disappeared, and today, I can hit on any girl without being worried of failing. - JT, 28, Oshkosh, WI
As a marriage counselor, I encounter a lot of sexual concerns. So after thorough research, I found that ErectZ is the best solution to their concerns. I recommend this solution to many of my clients, and now I am truly satisfied with the results of my work and with the results that I have in treating my couples. - JENNIFER, 39, Chicago, IL
After years of being a Don Juan, my little friend started to give me problems. I found ErectZ, and since then, I can make love with even more girls, and my confidence was boosted immensely! - JACKO, 42, Louisiana
As a woman, it is frustrating to see your husband suffering from an impotency problem. This happened to my husband a few months ago, and as it was the first time he encountered such problem, I can't tell you how upsetting this was for him. We went to several therapists, but my best friend happened to offer the perfect cure. She recommended us ErectZ, the pill that solved the problem she had with her boyfriend, and it WORKS!! - SHAINA, 38, East St. Louis, IL
My problem started a few years ago, when I was 30. Bad erections and premature ejaculation. It is frustrating to try to get it up for 20 minutes, while your partner looks at you bored, and then to ejaculate after two minutes. Luckily, I found ErectZ, since then, I can make love like an automatic machine, and I feel like a teenager again! - TEENU, 35, Dallas, TX
I am 61 years old and for the last several years I have been unable to maintain an erection. I ordered the Weekender free sample to celebrate my wife's birthday by being able to may love to her the way she deserves. 1 hour after taking ErectZ I achieved and maintained the most beautifully rock hard erection I have had in years. I was able to continue even after having a massive orgasm and she reached climax over and over again. Today is the second day of the Weekender, and with just a slight stimulation my cock is again rock hard and ready to play some more. Thank you for the free sample. - Rich, Carson City
I had problems with my erection and premature ejaculations, five years ago. My wife started complaining. I am 45 years now. I happened to visit erectz website and on reading about other people who had same problem, I decided to buy one month supply. Since taking the pills for the first time, things have never been the same. My life have changed as nowadays I enjoy sex with my wife better. I can stay for long and get firm erections which last almost whole night. I have been using the pills now for over 2 years and feel better. I will continue purchasing them. Thanks ErectZ. - Wilson, Nairobi
About 6 months ago I started having issues with impotency. I tried several different pills but they were nothing more than an expensive headache with no results. Then I found ErectZ, and I've been a happy camper since. But not as happy as my wife!! ErectZ has completely rejuvenated my love life and makes me feel like I'm 18 again. Thanks. - A Stone, MA
I was recommended ErectZ by my doctor, after complaining about my premature ejaculation problem. However, after a while, I have observed some other effects of this pill, such as increasing the size of the penis, and a better resistance in bed. Today, I would never dream about using another kind of product, and I must say that we are talking about a natural product that can't give you secondary effects! - BOB, 53, Arkansas
ErectZ is a man's bestfriend. I am able to handle my girlfriend that is 15 years younger than me. Now I have the confidence that she isn't gonna look any further and I don't need a prescription to keep up. I like the fact that it is made with stuff I have seen before in the vitamin aisles of the store. Their mixture is right on point. It works and it works well. I'm hooked. You will be too. - Darryl, Detroit, MI
My fiancé told me that in all the time we've been dating she has only had orgasms from oral sex. I felt like I was willing to try anything thinking if she wasn't getting it from me she would get it from somebody else. I went online and figured I would try the first ad I saw that didn’t look like a gimmick. Erectz came up & it said ALL NATURAL so I was really happy because I try to stay healthy since I’m a personal trainer. After I ordered it, I was debating on if I should actually try it or not. So I finally decided I would. I wish I had found it sooner. We had incredible sex and it was like she couldn't get enough. My penis was harder than it has ever been, and I had multiples for the first time since I was in high school. So yes, I do recommend this highly above everything else. - Charles, St Louis, MO
My husband has always snuck and taken ED pills. The noticeable difference when he took these, were his energy and ability to have multiple orgasms in one night. He didn't have a racing heart or an erection that wasn't ready to quit when he was. It was a natural enhancement to our sex life that was pleasurable. He was able to last longer with a nice firm erection, didn't have any side effects, and was able to do it all over again for a total of 3 days in a row. Now that's what I call a pill that works! - Alisha, Atlanta, GA
I couldn't understand why this product isn't prescribed as good as it works. I think we need to get the word out on it so people can get a product that actually works. I tried them all and by far this is the best. - Jerry, Brooklyn, NY
I am truly a satisfied customer. I had to comment on this product because I think it needs to be told to the world that there is an all natural male enhancement that not only claims to work, but works better than expected. Don't trust me or others, try it yourself. You will love it! - Rob, Dayton, Ohio
To be straight to the point this product has rejuvenated our love life. I actually bought it for my mate and asked him to try them. He was a bit skeptical at first, but after taking them, he was excited. We are in our early thirties, so don't think everyone that is using them is old. ErectZ is a must have in our house. - Kate, San Francisco, CA
Thanks to ErectZ, I was able to save my current marriage. I am now 42 years old and it's no secret that I have had some erection issues in the past that had caused my previous 5-year old marriage end in divorce last year. I have been under a prescriptive drug for a while since then and it had been quite expensive just to keep it up. Imagine my surprise when my doctor recommended me to get ErectZ at the local drugstore. No prescription needed. And it's cheaper than the prescription drug I was taking. The important thing was that it worked. - Jeremy F., 42, Springfield, Arizona
I love my husband and it just hurts me to see him get disappointed at himself every time we made love lately. It was a gradual thing that started 3 or 4 years ago when our intimate moments together started getting less intense and shorter. A year ago, we just stopped entirely as he could no longer sustain an erection. We had regular therapy sessions with our sex counsel with some success as we got into Viagra. But it was getting in the way of his health so we stopped. Now, thanks to ErectZ, we are getting our moments back again. Kudos to its makers. - Francine R, 45, Pasadena, California
I tired everything. Pills, lengthening contraptions, workouts, you name it. I know that at my age, it's one of the things you lose, especially since I've gained some weight. Somehow, my erection was never as long and intense as it should. And yes, they were right, it gets shorter over the years. But my doctor gave me ErectZ to my surprise. It's not a prescriptive drug which I know doctors make money from with some pharmaceutical companies. But he told me to try it. That was a month ago. Today, I feel I just lost 10 years off my life with a lengthier and more sustained erection. This ErectZ is a miracle wonder. - Efren C., 58 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
We've been getting into some sex therapy sessions over the last 6 months to get our marriage working like it used to. I know it sounds silly, when you lose your man's erection, it's simply not the same. I love him, but using dildos is never a substitute. A friend pointed me to ErectZ which her hubby was using and to my amazement, it also worked on my husband. I wanted him to write this testimonial himself but was taking him so long so here I am – the happy wife of my man who, thanks to ErectZ, is back in business. - Helen S, 39, New York
All my life, I've been struggling with premature ejaculation. I've used desensitizing creams and enrolled in sex therapies with my girl to try and hold it off. It just didn't work to a lasting solution that satisfied us. Either those desensitizing creams caused me to lose my erection fast or those sessions only brought a few seconds of delay. Then my doctor introduced me to ErectZ which gave me sustained erections. I had little confidence but it was a doctor telling me to use it. And it was a success. I still have premature ejacs but I got sustained erections even after which lasted longer before the next orgasm. My girl couldn't be happier. Same here. - Albert P., 26, Oahu, Hawaii
I'd like to thank the makers of ErectZ for giving me a new lease on my sex life. You should be featured on Oprah just as they do with those anti-aging products. After trying out some other pills to get me up and stay up long enough for my partner to enjoy, I just lost hope that I would ever regain the manhood I had when I was young. But thanks to ErectZ, I got what I thought I had forever lost. Now, not only am I feeling like being on top of the world, but so does my partner. - Felix H., 39, Fremont, Nebraska
My dream was to bed my girl before we graduate and separate ways as she'd be off to England on a scholarship. But my premature ejaculation was getting in the way and I was just embarrassing myself and frustrating my girl every time. Our sports doctor was no help and neither was my dad's doctor, until I related my predicament to my gym instructor. He was using ErectZ for a different reason but said it might work. I tried. And it worked. I noticed my orgasm gets a few minutes later and my erection got back even after an orgasm. I finally bed my girl last month. - Bernard J., 18, Yorktown, New Jersey
I knew it would happen someday. But I never really accepted the fact that my man of 30 years would lose his manhood earlier than I had expected. We're about the same age and his penis seemed to get shorter with age and getting less interested in coming to bed with me. Then I gifted him with ErectZ on his 54th birthday and not only did he get his erection back, it lasted a lot longer than even before. But I have to say I regret getting him the ErectZ. Because now, even the maid is happy about it. - Marian L., 55, Glendale, California
Being gay and loving it can be a real damper when you reach that age when boys lose interest when they see you can't hold your erection long enough to satisfy them. Unlike women, gays are less forgiving. I am. That's why I don't want that to happen to me. Thanks to ErectZ, it didn't. For a while I noticed I was getting less intense and less frequent erections. I used to enjoy 2-3 orgasms over an hour before losing my steam, but over the last three years, I was lucky to get 1 in 20 minutes or so. Now, it looks like I'm back to my top shape with ErectZ. - Gary S.V., 34, Chicago, Illinois
I'm a bit hesitant writing about the most embarrassing moments of my life but I just want to get my message across to all you guys with premature ejac problems. You can do something about it. I did. Thanks to ErectZ, I can now experience longer and sustained erections before coming. And I could still manage one more after as my dick remains hard even after the first. I never thought I could be like one of those studs in triple-X videos who can do two girls at a time. ErectZ opened up that option for me. - Cedric W.R., 21, Ontario, Canada
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